How does it work?

We’ve developed a proprietary software portal, designed by cutting-edge developers and leading education specialists, that enables parents, teachers, schools and institutes to activate + assist + assess students on every step of their journey in the world of learning in arabic using proven technology and unique methodology that guarantees the highest quality results, consistency and success.

External and internal interactive
bench-marked assessment

External and internal interactive bench-marked assessment

Etqaan provides online ongoing assessments for learning, with the goal of unlimited learning for everyone, bringing Arabic and its related subjects to life. We are an international educational provider for students and teachers operating worlwide, specializing in benchmark testing and online graded readings. Etqaan’s assessment platform is the largest interactive testing resource in the Arab world.

“etqaan really is unique in the world of arabic learning, it can do whatever you need it to do, to help teachers, parents, schools and institutes activate + assist + assess students to achieve measurable success!”

yousef omar

ceo & co-founder

Etqaan: a one-stop shop
for arabic assessments

Etqaan assessment includes both external and internal assessments as well as reporting systems and assessment data analyses for teachers, Arabic leaders and school administrators to use in a smart and easy way.

By using Etqaan’s assessment platform and the app, you have access to: