Why etqaan?

“Etqaan really is unique in the world of Arabic learning! It can do whatever you need it to do, to help teachers, guardians and administrators activate, assist and assess students to achieve measurable success!”

Etqaan platform

Etqaan provides online ongoing assessments for learning, with the goal of unlimited learning for everyone, bringing Arabic and its related subjects to life. We are an international educational provider for students and teachers operating worlwide, specializing in benchmark testing and online graded readings.

Etqaan expertise and our focus on
arabic subjects

Etqaan specializes in assessing the learning of the Arabic language and subjects taught in Arabic….

Etqaan provides internal and external assessments as well as a question-bank resource benchmarked to national and international standards.

Etqaan is your student's gateway
to success

Etqaan is an innovative, interactive and easy-to-use learning and assessment platform and application. It allows teachers, parents and schools to support their students through benchmarked and standardized assessments for all Arabic subjects. Etqaan supports student learning and allows students to achieve measurable success in an enjoyable way.


Etqaan’s approach to learning helps school leaders and teachers thoroughly analyse data, find gaps in learning and prepare action plans. In addition, Etqaan’s intuitive and effective reporting system enables teachers to use their time effectively when managing tests, feedback and reports.