Etqaan is your assistant in and out of the classroom. As a teacher, you won’t worry about writing tests and reports anymore. Just click the on Etqaan app and we will do it for you! No more time-consuming administrative work; when it comes to assessment and data, Etqaan will do it for you!

Etqaan is a problem solver for teachers

Etqaan is a SMART application and platform. It allows you to complete internal and external assessments without worrying about adhering to standards because all Etqaan assessments are standardized to national and international frameworks. Etqaan will save you time and effort in administrative tasks, reports and data analysis. Complete self-evaluation, reports and much more with just a click.

It can be the extra teacher in the class

Etqaan for teachers is a method of success
in the arabic subjects

Etqaan offers assessment and learning resource as an application and a platform. It includes assessments, question banks and support for teachers

By joining Etqaan, the benefits to you, your school and your students are limitless.

  • Access to interactive rubrics and standards-based assessments in Arabic subjects
  • Track individual student needs
  • Measure progress and attainment
  • Smart reporting for school management and administrators providing valid reporting data
  • Benefit from external assessments that follow the requirements of authorities and Ministries, such as KHDA
  • Develop your own tests, exams and benefit marking
  • Benefit from reliable assessments that are linked and mapped to international benchmarks, i.e. Map testing and CAT4
  • Summative and formative assessments and placement tools
  • Includes all four skills in language and all pillars in national subjects
  • Audio recording system for speaking skills assessments
  • Standard oral reading tests, Quran recitation, and Tajweed tests
  • Live observation tool
  • Graded readings for Arabic literacy skills
  • Support library including Arabic resource