What is it?

A new and totally unique mobile app on iOS and Android that works on all devices, enabling parents, teachers, schools and institutes to activate, assist & assess students; a learning & assessment platform designed to facilitate graded reading & literacy in arabic for all students of all ages and all levels.

A learning & assessment platform for
360 degree continuous learning:

• Interactive graded classroom activities for all levels and grades.

• The largest interactive bank of questions for subjects taught in arabic.

• More than 100,000 questions and resources in all target subjects.

• Standardized internal formative tests.

• Standardized external final tests and exams.

A new technology removing
the barriers in arabic learning

• Easy to use technology – accessible from any search engine, through the desktop application and on IOS and android mobile apps.

• Live interactive system for continuous work flows with proprietary intelligent smart system for reports and files.

• A bespoke navigation system for tracking student progress and achievement.

• Interactive messaging system between the students, teachers, schools and parents with support for all kinds of multimedia software.

• Live video and audio monitoring system for tests and exams.

• Diversified activities and questions.

Graded reading & literacy:

• Graded learning materials according to levels and standards.

• Interactive texts, activities and questions for reading comprehension, graded and sequential according to the level and criteria.

• Texts that measure literacy and the fundamental basics of reading.

• Literacy texts and functional reading.

• Literacy reading texts graded and sequential according to level and criteria.

• Qur’anic texts to measure the skills of tajweed and intonation.