Etqaan takes your hand to ascend the ladder of genius and excellence by activating, assisting and assessing you in your learning journey.

Measuring progress and attainment in enjoyable ways

During your studies of Arabic and subjects taught in Arabic, Etqaan will offer you a variety of practical assessments tools which are easy, effective and enjoyable. Our platform will help you measure your language competence, knowledge and skills; it will help you identify your weak areas and assists you in improving them: celebrate your achievements!

It can give you confidence

Preparing for success

You can take internal and external benchmarked tests and receive support from educators while using our smart platform. You can choose Arabic as a first language, Arabic as a second language, social studies and Islamic education during the school year.

Etqaan offers a wide variety of learning tools to prepare you for reallife exams and assessments. Our platform has stimulating and ineractive activities that allow you to train on all kinds of national and international assessments. Your way to success!