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Our team members are not just language teachers; they are also experts in modern languages, humanities education and Arabic subjects and assessments. Etqaan’s multilingual team is able to tap into a global network of educators, academic trainers and assessment specialists, with many instructors boasting extensive experience teaching in schools and universities across the UK, the US and the Middle East. The team is led by distinguished names in the Arabic language field and its related subjects worldwide. The Etqaan staff and our extended team of proven and experienced educators, assessment specialists and managers are here to support you, your school and most importantly, your students. This comprehensive capacity-building network has been created not only to meet the immediate needs of our growing provision but also to ensure the longevity and sustainability of Etqaan assessment for learning services.

Yousef Omar

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Dr. Mo Fathy

Operations & Business Director

Mahamood Akif

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Dr. Rafa Rajibi

QA & Arabic subjects' assessment manager

Hossam Gamal

Assessment operations & QA manager

Basel Hafez

Senior QA Arabic Language Assessment Manager

Farah Farouk

Customer Service and Education Specialist

Nour Abuateyh

QA & assessment writer

Dr. Ehab Mohamed

Islamic Education assessment specialist & QA manager

Muna Hussein

QA & assessment writer

Khaled Ragab

Content & assessment creator

Ahmad Dassan

Assessment & content writer for Arabic

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yousef omar

Dr. Yousef Omar is a global leader in language teaching and teacher education, specializing in the Arabic language and its related subjects. He is the CEO of Impact Services International and the Director of Etqaan.

He worked as the Head of Languages Academy at the Institute of Teacher Learning GEMS Education before joining Impact Services International as a global leader in teacher training. For the past 22 years, Yousef has devoted his life to the teaching of Arabic, language pedagogy and language teacher education. He has worked at top universities in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, including 12 years at SOAS University of London. He has been involved in this field at every stage, including teaching, teacher training, assessment, research, material design and setting up schools and language departments in universities. Yousef has set up many programmes in foreign languages and Arabic teaching, including the first teacher training programme for teachers of Arabic at the University of London and the development of the MA in Arabic language teaching. Yousef has founded two centres of language teaching and learning and co-founded Impact Services International in London and Dubai.

Yousef is committed to making language teaching more innovative using creative approaches. He has presented at various international conferences and has published in the field of Arabic language, language acquisition and language pedagogy. His work focuses on creating holistic and innovative approaches to enhance Arabic language teaching practices in the classroom and developing language learning in bilingual and multilingual contexts.

Dr Mo Fathy

Dr Mo has more than 20 years of experience in various fields related to business management and finance in the Middle East and North Africa and has a unique talent for operations management. Dr Mo occupies the position of Operations and Business Director at Impact Services International. In addition to his extensive experience in the field of finance and business, Dr Mo is fond of Arabic and Islamic culture, which also qualified him to become a director of translation and localisation in the company, where he manages large-scale translation projects in several languages, including Arabic. Dr Mo also worked as a business lecturer at ESLSCA Business School; he provided many financial and business consultancies to international organizations. Mo holds a PhD in Economics from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the National Graduate Institute for Political Studies in Tokyo, and a Master in Business Administration from the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences.

Mahamood Akif

Mahamood Akif has established his reputation with over seven years of experience in Dubai, bringing unique business development and marketing strategies to companies. Akif’s role in branding, development and growth of the company is incomparable, with his skills in evaluating business needs and studying the marketing trends accurately. Akif set his foundation straight by focusing on business marketing as he completed his higher education. His marketing educational background, a Masters in Marketing Management from the University of Bedfordshire and International Business Management from London School of Commerce Malta, gained him his competitive comprehension in sales marketing and client handling

Dr Rafa Rajibi

Senior teacher trainer and audio-visual translation specialist Rafa is currently finalizing her PhD from SOAS-University of London. Her research focuses on translation studies and cross-culture communication in teaching and learning explicating humour in subtitling from English to Arabic within the framework of Relevance Theory. As part of her interest in teaching Arabic as a foreign language, Rafa joined the Sharek (TAFL) program, where she obtained her certificate of Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language with distinction. She then went on to join the International House London as an Arabic teacher, material developer and syllabus designer, accommodating a wide range of levels and interests. Moreover, she provided tailored courses for the Middle East Studies Centre at LSE for professional researchers and academics, working closely with educational institutions across the Arab region. Prior to moving to the UK, she taught Arabic to American students in Albany, NY as part of the US Department of State Fulbright award. In Libya, Rafa worked at the US Embassy as the Middle East Partnership Coordinator (MEPI) for the Public Affairs Section, administering and implementing bilateral projects between Libya and the US.

Hossam Gamal

Hossam holds a BA in Arabic literature from Ain Shams University, an Educational Teaching Diploma and a Post-Graduate Diploma from the Arabic Research and Studies Institute and a Diploma of Upgrading Students through Educational Games from American University in Cairo. Training courses in classroom management,
learning assessment, active learning and developing learning difficulties skills helped grow his passion for learning. Hossam has taught for over nine years in various reputable schools. Applying modern technology to the teaching process and developing curriculum has been a pillar of his work. Hossam has been working for
over ten years in the assessment field for government and international schools and has extensive experience setting tests according to curriculum standards in various countries in the Middle East. He is passionate about students reading and learning. Hossam is now leading the development team at the Etqaan assessment platform.

Basel Hafez

Born and raised in Damascus, Syria, Basel graduated with a BA in English language and literature and later received a diploma in Arabic-English Translation. He has also obtained an MA in Applied Linguistics and Translation from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Basel has 20 years of experience teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. He teaches Arabic as well as several colloquial dialects, primarily Levantine. He has worked for over 12 years in translation, stimulus interpreting, voiceover and subtitling from English to Arabic and vice versa. He is an assessment specialist for Arabic as a second language and QA assessment manager at Etqaan.

Farah Farouk


Farah Farouk is a proficient Customer Service and Education Specialist, bringing a wealth of marketing, administration, and customer care expertise to our team. With extensive experience in marketing and customer services, Farah has also dedicated over 7 years to teaching Arabic and Islamic studies in Dubai. This diverse background allows her to seamlessly incorporate her skills into our marketing initiatives, effectively promoting our transformative courses and digital products.

Dedicated to ensuring an exceptional journey for each client, Farah’s unique combination of educational proficiency, scientific insight, and marketing acumen significantly contributes to the success of our organization. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Ajman University, UAE, and a Higher Diploma in Global Teaching Practice from the UK. Farah’s educational background provides a distinctive perspective on learning and development, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Nour Abuateyh

Ms. Nour Abuateyh is an MYP and DP Arabic B teacher, IB trainer and workshop leader. With 14 years of experience, eight of them in International Baccalaureate schools in the UAE, she has local and international insight when teaching the Arabic language and designing Arabic curricula and assessments.  Ms. Abuateyh completed her undergraduate degree in literature at Hashemite University in Jordan and a high teaching diploma in Dubai. She has also completed her Master’s in education management, leadership and policy at the British University in Dubai. Her career has been growing as an IB educator, as she became an IB workshop leader in 2016 and served several leadership roles at other IB schools.

Dr Ehab Mohamed

Dr Ehab Mohamed is a passionate Islamic studies educator. With over 17 years of experience in the international education field and a PhD in Arabic and Islamic Education from Alexandra university, he has enjoyed working as an Islamic leader of learning at the largest educational institution in the Middle East, GEMS and Taaleem. He has a passion for creating resources and designing curricula for teaching Islam.

Muna Hussein

Muna Hussein is a secondary and GCSE Arabic B teacher, curriculum designer and workshop leader. She holds a bachelor’s degree in literature from Hashemite University in Jordan and an MA in translation. She also earned a Master’s degree from British University in Dubai in educational management, leadership, and policy. During her 12-year career teaching languages, she spent seven years teaching Arabic to secondary students at British schools in Dubai. Muna has worked collaboratively with many educators to develop a comprehensive curriculum using GCSE standards and criteria. In addition, she has facilitated several workshops on using technology and gamification effectively to learn and improve language skills. Moreover, she is a certified trainer in design thinking, which aims to find permanent solutions to educational problems in language departments in international schools. 

Khaled Ragab

Khaled has worked in the investigation of heritage and the graduation of hadiths in the office of Dr Abdul Hamid Hindawi. He worked as a desk manager at the International Center for Press, Publishing and Distribution and participated in the team of authoring, reviewing and editing the curricula of the Ministry of Education at the Egyptian International Publishing Company. Khaled has also edited many books for publishing houses in the MENA region and edited many translated books for the National Center for  Translation. Khaled’s book on the opinions of orientalists in the Holy Qur’an and the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is entitled “And a witness from its people testified.” He is also currently working on a graphic interpretation of Surat Yusuf. Khaled has an MA in Arabic language and Islamic studies and is currently working as a content writer for Social and Islamic studies at Etqaan assessment for learning platform.

Ahmad Dassan

Assessment and content writer for Arabic

University lecturer and a senior specialized Arabic teacher who is an expert in curriculum design. Ahmad holds a master’s degree in linguistics from the Hashemite university in Jordan and he has over 17 years’ experience working at international schools in the UAE.

Ahmad teaches the Arabic language for non-Arabs. He is keen on technology integration and creating enrichment curricula. Ahmad has received the first place Award for the best project of technology integration in the annual creative teaching project across Jordan on his project “We learn to help others”

Ahmad has participated in Arabic language quality assurance and he is an expert in American and International Baccalaureate curricula.